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Wednesday Caving

Date: 31th March 2021
Time: 18:30pm
Location: Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire

This is an ideal second or third trip with the Caving Crew. If you’ve been on a trip before, this is ideal – if you’ve done more, this also will be fun!

So you’re interested in coming caving? Here’s what you need to know!

I don’t have any caving kit. What should I bring? What should I borrow?

Part of the cost includes hiring use of the special equipment you’ll use. Here’s what you should bring:

  • Full change of clothes for afterwards including underwear and socks
  • Some warm older/less nice clothes to wear underneath the caving overalls you’ll borrow. These may get slightly damp or mucky. Good suggestions:
    • A onesie + some leggings.
    • A t-shirt, fleece and two pairs of leggings
    • leggings + tracksuit bottoms + some warm upper layers
  • Wellies (we do have spares if necessary, but the sizes and stock are limited). These aren’t special wellies – £12 wellies from go-outdoors or sparkling pink wellies with fur linings are great for caving.
  • Towel
  • Any important medicines you take
  • Contact lenses or string for your glasses.
  • A full sealed snack you enjoy eating (eg a mars bar)

What will I be borrowing?

If you don’t already have them:

  • Caving overalls to go over the rest of your clothes
  • Caving Helmet with Caving Headtorch and fully charged Batteries
  • Wellies

What about the rain?

Doesn’t matter – it will happen anyway.

Won’t it be windy?

We’re in a cave. It will not be windy.

Will it be as cold as outside?

The temperature in the cave is cooler than the outside temperature at the moment – about 13C. You’ll be well dressed and there’ll be no wind.

What about Covid?

You’ll be briefed on Covid precautions on arrival. Group size will be less than 6, and government mandated social distancing will be kept to. You own gloves and hand sanitiser are recommended.

When do I need to be where?

We’ll all meet at the Car Park in Stoney Middleton at 6:30pm. Try to be early rather than late!

There is a carpark by a brook and possibly a Large White Van (Tim’s). This is where we’ll meet.

Meeting location: This precise place
Location: 53.276910,-1.661141

When will we get back?

We’re aiming to be out of the cave before 10:30pm. The faster we get in, the faster we get out. We may well be out sooner.

What should I expect?

We will arrive at the location together and get you the equipment you need. This is the best time to try on this kit and make sure we get the right size.

We’ll walk to the cave and explore it together. It is a 5 minute walk to the cave from the cars.

The cave contains some crouched passages, some walking passages. You will have a powerful headtorch so it will be quite bright. The group will be together and there will be much laughter and possibly swearing. It will be fun.

What cave are we going to exactly?

We’re going to Carlwark Cavern near Stoney Middleton. It’s gentle with no ropes required required – all levels and skills are catered for here.

Will I be scared?

Maybe. Sometimes new different things are scary. But we’ll be supporting and encouraging you to take things at your pace the entire time. This about having fun and having each others back. Whether you’re nervous or loving it, we’ve got your back.

How long will we be underground?

We’ll see how we’re feeling. At a guess – 3 hours – but we have plenty of options to shorten if we feel it’s the right thing.

Who is coming with us?

The caving trip will be lead by Jon Kingsley and Tim Dobson – a patient and reassuring cave leaders.

The trip size is limited. There probably won’t be more than 6 people.

How much will it cost?

You have 4 options:

Become a member

  • If you want to become a the Caving Crew member, it is £37.50 for the year, and this trip is free.
  • If you’re already a member of another club, it’s £20 for the year.

Join The Caving Crew here

New to Caving? Join us for a one off?

  • You can join us for up to 4 trips. After that you’ll need to join a Caving Club.
  • If you want to join this trip as a one off, but not join as a member, it is £18.50 for this trip.

Already a Caving Crew member?

  • If you’re already a Caving Crew member, it is £6 for this trip.

Member of another club?

  • If you have your own BCA insurance – eg by being a member of another caving club (eg MUSC, CUCC) or by being a DIM, it’s £8 for this trip

The money goes towards:

  • Sharing fuel costs
  • BCA Insurance
  • Equipment hire and maintenance
  • Any extra money goes to the club