Ingleton Camping Weekend kitlist

This trip is not a endurance test! It is an opportunity to enjoy caving, and being outside in the landscape, in summer!

Judith will be providing a large domed Events Shelter, which has detachable walls. Judith will also bring a camping table, and stove with kettle, so that we can make hot drinks, and basic tea, coffee & drinking chocolate ~ if you have specialist tastes bring your own.

Essential Camping Gear

  1. Tent, Poles & Pegs
  2. Insulated ground mat –  roll mat, yoga mat, thermorest, etc
  3. Sleeping Bag ~ mummy type with hood, would be good, but any Warm sleeping bag!
  4. Waterproofs / Waterproof top and bottoms ~ that fit over your warm jacket! Officially we may be camping in summer, but Pennine England can have any kind of weather, so really do come prepared!
  5. Warm P.J.s / Thermals
  6. Mug
  7. Plate and/or Bowl
  8. Cutlery
  9. Torch and charged batteries and/or extra head torch ~ charged in advance!
  10. Full change of Warm clothes, really lots of layers ~ you’ll come out wet and cold, so do come prepared to use clothing to keep you warm. Thick trousers/furry Leggings.
  11. Extra Wellies, or hiking boots ~ for moving around a grassy wet campsite!
  12. Towel
  13. Any Medications you take

Non-Essential Camping Gear

  1. Pillow [optional, but will probably make you happy!]
  2. Earplugs and Face Mask [again optional, but will probably make you even happier at night!]
  3. Warm fluffy bedsox! Warm fluffy hat! You may not need them and can take them home again, but you’ll be so happy if you do need use them!
  4. Portable powerpack – The campsite website says it has charging facilities, but how easy these will be to access is unsure.
  5. Folding Picnic Chair ~ optional, but does add to your comfort
  6. Extra Fleece Blanket ~ for wrapping yourself up in in the evening
  7.  Midge/Insect Repellant ~ Smidge, Mossiguard etc
  8. Wash kit
  9. Loo roll
  10. Sun cream ? Sun glasses? Dare I suggest them!
  11. Finally Alcohol (and other soft drinks, it might just be Hot!) and Nibbles, for the two evenings! They help with planning!

Caving Kit

If you have any of the below, bring it with you.

Stuff the crew can provide if you don’t have

  • Helmet
  • Light
  • Oversuit
  • Undersuit
  • Wellies
  • Caving Belt
  • SRT Kit
  • Ropes and rigging metalwork
  • Group kit 

Stuff the crew can’t provide

  • Thermals – ideally two sets
  • Nice socks – wetsocks or something that can deal with being wet is ideal. Several sets
  • Towel – the warmer and fluffier the better
  • Spare underwear – several sets! You do not want to be sat around the campsite in soggy caving underwear.