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Caving Crew Ingleton Camping Weekend FULL

When: 4th-6th June
Where: We’ll staying in Philpin Farm campsite, not far from Ingleton, Yorkshire

This trip is now full talk to Alex Sheppard to join the waiting list.

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How the trip will run:

We’ll meet together at the campsite on Friday evening with enough time to try and make plans for the next day.

We’ll spend Saturday making the most of our location – right by one of the most cave-filled areas of Yorkshire, then return to the campsite for a hearty evening meal (planned to be group-ordered takeaway delivered from Ingleton).

On Sunday, we will probably head underground again, or go for a walk nearby, before heading home.

About the campsite

Philpin Farm is a well-equipped campsite 10 minutes drive away from Ingleton.

It is well equipped with toilets, showers, wifi, and good access to local caves.

Breakfast can be ordered from the farm by reserving it the night before. 

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a tent, sleeping bag, warm clothing, and some other stuff. A full kitlist is here.

What activities will we do?

This is primarily a caving weekend, but cavers being cavers there may also be some walking or other outdoor activities going on. Anything non-caving will be arranged ad-hoc though, the main plan is to get underground!

Stuff you need to know

The cost of the trip includes club equipment use, camping fees, any cave trespass fees, and support with transport.

This trip is likely to sell out very fast – just 12 places are available.

How can I reserve my place?

I’m not a member of any Caving Club club yet:

For your first 4 trips, you can join us as a one-off.
The cost is £63 for this trip:

Caving Crew Member?

I’ve already joined as a paid-up Crew-member of the Caving Crew.
The cost is £39 for this trip

I already have insurance via the BCA

I’m in another caving club (eg MUSC, TSG) or am a DIM.
The cost is £43 for this trip

Can I join the Caving Crew?

Yes… it costs £37.50 a year and your next evening caving trip is free (after that, you just pay members rates).

If you’re an existing BCA Club member or DIM it’s just £20.50 a year

When does membership run from and til?

A year, from when you first become a member.

How can I sign up and join this trip?

Follow both of these two steps:

1) Become a member

2) Signup for the trip as a member!

Common Q & As

I don’t have any caving gear – will I be ok?

Yes. Part of the cost covers borrowing any the equipment you may need including light, helmet, oversuit, SRT kit and ropes. We may be able to lend a small number of wellies and undersuits too. 

What SRT skills do I need to know?

No SRT skills are required; there are SRT-free trips that can be done nearby if you don’t know how to do it, and a while lot of trips containing it if you do. If you don’t know what SRT is – ignore all this!

I don’t have enough SRT experience yet, but really want to do some. Will you be running training beforehand?

If there’s time to arrange it, yes – but it’s extremely important that we do it ASAP. Drop Tim or Alex a message with when you’re free to train and we will try and work it out.

I don’t drive can I come?

Yes. We will arrange lifts for people who can’t drive. Different people bring different skills – it usually works out in the end.

Can I bring a dog?

Dogs are allowed, but you will need to pay an extra fee to the campsite and make your own arrangements for dog-care during the day.

What is The Caving Crew?

A BCA-affiliated Club of supportive, friendly people who like to encourage each other to cave and eat cake. Sometimes at the same time.

We support an open, inclusive and accepting atmosphere for all members, whatever their ability or ambition.

What are we most likely to do?

Good question. Depending on who comes, everyone’s levels of experience and motivation, and the weather, we’ll make plans on Friday and Saturday nights for the next day.

Can I come for the day?

This usually doesn’t work.

All plans are made the night before, usually changing 3-4 times during the night and changing at least once in the morning. This makes it extremely difficult to tell anyone where to be and when. It might be possible to come for the day, if you were prepared to arrive at the campsite at ~7am and were prepared for mountains of faff and uncertainty. If that was me, I’d probably conclude it wasn’t worth it.

You also will struggle because you have to drive home in the evening – rather than stay for any social bits where the group really gets to know each other.

I don’t really know anyone else?

We’re keen for everyone to feel comfortable in our group so we introduce people new to Caving Crew trips with an experienced “buddy” to help them find their feet and answer any questions. Everyone is extremely welcoming, and you’re likely to make some firm friends very fast.

I have unusual dietary requirements. Will I be catered for?

Yes. Whether you’re keen on eating meat with every meal, or you are a gluten free vegan who is allergic to cinnamon, we will make sure you’re well fed.

What if there’s bad weather?

Caving is usually a good sport if the weather isn’t great. However, if we will prepare some plan B’s in case of unexpected issues (such as really heavy rain). These could be:

  • Go for a scramble
  • Go for a walk
  • Go indoor climbing
  • Go to a museum or tourist attraction
  • Go to the pub

Is this a for-profit, professionally guided event?

The Caving Crew is fully run by volunteers. No-one is paid for sharing their caving and rope skills amongst the group. Nobody is using or assumed to be trained to professional qualifications unless they tell you otherwise in writing.

Everyone that comes to Caving Crew events recognises that:

that caving, cave diving and mine exploration are activities with a danger of personal injury or death, and by taking part acknowledge they are aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

Got a question we haven’t answered?

Ask it on the facebook group and we’ll reply ASAP.

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